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On the 18th I started feeling sick and within an hour I had a 102.5 fever that lasted for several days. I was sick for my birthday, which sucked! Then Cole got sick too. The two of us just laid in my bed for a few days. Noah's birthday was on Easter and we kept it pretty low key. Yesterday (nine days later) Cole and I actually felt heathy for the first time. Whew! On the bright side, I lost a few pounds and managed to read two good books. : )

Tomorrow, Cole goes to his Kindergarten screening to help determine which class he will be placed in. He is very excited about going to the same school as Noah. School doesn't start until July, so he is starting an art class next week to keep him busy. Noah is taking golf lessons while he is on spring break.

Next Wednesday I will begin my Krav Maga classes. I am very excited about that. I had been working on endurance and strength training just a bit when I got sick, but now I feel like I am back where I started. I still feel weak and puny. I just hope I can keep up.

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When Leprechauns Attack


No Irish luck in this house...
This morning the boys came running into our room freaking out that leprechauns had attacked our house. They were both mystified and excited by the mayhem. Before bed they put all of their green stuffed animals and a few dinosaurs in a laundry basket to hide from leprechauns, but it seems they found everything else that was green and threw it all over the house. The boys' bedroom was scattered with green books, the living room had every green article of clothing thrown about, the guest room and bathroom were a mess, but the kitchen was worst of all. Chairs were tipped over, the table was covered in green crayons, marshmallows, celery sticks, straws, utensils, etc. There were even green cups hanging from the lighting fixture. It's taken longer to clean up than I had expected, but the kids sure got a kick out of it. They are already making plans for how to catch the wee pranksters next year.

A bonus photo of Cole from his 5th birthday. I forgot I still had a few photos on the camera.
I love this crazy boy!

Not much


Not too much going on around here. Last night Drew and I went to a Ducks/Blues game with Holly & Craig. We had a great time! Ducks won 5 to 2. Today Drew is taking his sister and Cole to lunch while I take Noah to his first golf lesson. Hitting the library later too. That's all folks...

Oh, a friend was asking about caters and cupcakes and someone mentioned Once Upon A Cupcake in Mission Viejo ( The cupcakes looked so gorgeous that I ordered two dozen to give as gifts. I'll pick them up on Tuesday. I have heard great things and hope they live up to all the fuss! I'll keep you posted.

Hope you are all having a great weekend! Watch out for those pesky leprechauns. I expect they may get up to a little mischief around here in the night.



After a long and nearly sleepless night (due to neighbor noise- long story) I arrived on time to the Red Cross this morning for my platelet apheresis donation. I was so tired and feeling really grateful for a comfy lounger, soft blankets and warming packs tucked in all around me. I chose a movie (The Departed) and prepared to zone out for an hour or so. No such luck! The nurse couldn't find my vein and had to get help to jam the damn needle into my arm over and over. Of course, my arm is killing me and bleeding everywhere before they give up and move on to the other arm. Fortunately, the other nurse was able to get that arm going in just two stabs. It's not their fault I have awful veins, but after the night I had I was ready to cry from exhaustion (and pain). Once they finally had a good vein i was as comfy cozy as could be. The whole event took twice as long as normal, but on the bright side... I got to finish a movie in peace, eat cookies, Drew made me a delicious lunch and I got to take a long nap this afternoon! Oh yeah, and I probably helped save a life! How awesome is that?!

Please don't let my complaints deter you from donating blood or platelets. The Red Cross staff is well-trained and they do everything they can to make you very comfortable. I just happen to have crappy veins and usually suffer a bit more when I go in because of it. As a matter of fact, I challenge you to call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or go to and make an appointment right now! C'mon, what are you waiting for? A little prick and a small amount of time is all you give up and in return you get to help someone who is in crisis.

"In an apheresis (ay-fur-ee-sis) donation, donors give only select blood components — platelets, plasma, red cells, infection-fighting white cells called granulocytes, or a combination of these, depending on the donors' blood type and the needs of the community. A single apheresis donation of platelets can provide as many platelets as FIVE whole blood donations. In addition, a platelet transfusion from a single donor greatly reduces the chances of an immune system reaction to the transfusion. Bone marrow transplant, cancer and leukemia patients whose immune systems are already compromised, benefit particularly from single donor platelet transfusions." (copied from Red Cross site.)


10. You will get free juice and cookies.
9. You will weigh less — one pint less when you leave than when you came in.
8. It's easy and convenient — it only takes about an hour and you can make the donation at a donor center, or at one of the many Red Cross mobile blood drives.
7. It's something you can spare — most people have blood to spare... yet, there is still not enough to go around.
6. Nobody can ask you to do any heavy lifting as long as you have the bandage on. You can wear it for as long as you like. It's your badge of honor.
5. You will walk a little taller afterwards — you will feel good about yourself.
4. You will be helping to ensure that blood is there when you or someone close to you may need it. Most people don't think they'll ever need blood, but many do.
3. It's something you can do on equal footing with the rich and famous — blood is something money can't buy. Only something one person can give to another.
2. You will be someone's hero — you may give a newborn, a child, a mother or a father, a brother, or a sister another chance at life. In fact, you may help save up to three lives with just one donation.
1. It's the right thing to do!

Are you still here? Go make the call! 1-800-GIVE-LIFE

Disney Pics Round Two (out of order)


The Happiest Family on Earth


Yesterday, Daddy took us all to Disneyland to celebrate our birthdays. The boys had no idea we were going until we were ready to walk out the door. They went nuts when Dad told them the news! Uncle Mark went with us and he was like a kid again. He had not been to the Big D in ten years or so. I think I was more excited than anyone. I just adore Disneyland! Drew and I have many happy memories there and we enjoy sharing our favorite place with our children.

We went to City Hall to get our birthday badges as soon as we got there. The kids really enjoyed all of the birthday wishes they received from cast members and other guests. Then we headed straight over to have our customary corn dogs to hold us over until lunch and were on our way. The park was fairly empty so lines were minimal. The longest line we waited in was for Nemo, which was actually too frightening for the little kids on the sub. There was lots of crying and eye covering. They may need to rework that one a bit. Cole loved the Haunted Mansion and Noah rode Buzz Lightyear twice.

We had lunch at Club 33 and were treated to their delicious birthday desserts. YUM! We were so impressed with Noah's manners at the table. He is always pretty well mannered but he pulled out all the stops yesterday. He really understood that he was somewhere special and being almost seven turned him into the perfect little gentleman. He ordered his own milk and let the waitress know he didn't want the kiddy cup because "a regular cup will be fine. Thank you." I asked him if he would like cocktail sauce for his shrimp and he replied, "lemon will be fine, please." He kept his hands folded on his lap while he waited for his food and he even folded his napkin on his chair when he left the table to use the restroom too. I was practically in tears! Our little boy is growing into a fine little gentleman and we are so proud of him. Cole did really well too. I think making them put on dress shirts before we entered the club helped them settle down and adjust their attitude accordingly. Cole was on cloud nine that they served a cocktail glass filled with s'more ingredients and that their was a light-up Capt. Hook on his color-changing straw. Sweet!

All in all, it was just a perfect day. The boys behaved so well, lines were short, the weather was great and we found a clear spot to view the end of the parade trail. I can't wait to go back! I just wish my feet didn't hurt so much today! OH! That reminds me... near the end of the day we realized Cole was wearing Noah's shoes which are 3 sizes too big. He always wears rain boots everywhere so I guess he didn't remember which sneakers were his when I sent him upstairs to put "real" shoes on. He never complained, but we were surprised they never fell off! Too funny.

Here are the first round of photos from camera 1 of 3. More to follow later.

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Happy Birthday for Cole...


Monday, March 3rd was Cole's birthday. WOW! I can't believe my baby is already five years old! Where does the time go? He is such an amazing child. He loves art ad is learning to write really well too. We had a little pizza party to celebrate with the local Carter relatives last night. He had such a good time and loved his Lightening McQueen cake. Today our home is overwhelmed by Hot Wheels tracks, Play-doh and Nerf balls. Life is good, real good!

The boys don't know it yet, but tomorrow we are off to Disneyland and California Adventure Park. We will have lunch at Club 33 and eat churros, corn dogs and cotton candy the rest of the day! HURRAY!! We like to go to Disneyland in March to celebrate three of our birthdays. This year Uncle Mark is coming with us and the boys are going to love that.

More photos to follow later in the week!

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