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Three good reasons to buy your tickets online...
#1: They are only $10 online and $12 at the door. (Children under ten get in free!)
#2: They will be waiting for you at Will-Call and you won't have to wait in a really LONG ticket line.
#3: $4 of every ticket sold will be given directly to Wounded Warrior Project. OK, so maybe that goes for door sales too, but the other two reasons above are excellent reasons to buy now.

Do it! Go NOW!

Support your local roller girls and your soldiers!

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My thoughts on Sarah Palin in someone else's words


I read this today with a tear in my eye. I truly wanted to stand up and applaud when I finished the article. I couldn't have said it any better myself! Here it is for you to read (and the link too).

Sarah Palin Naked written by Michael Seitzman for the Huffington Post

She said "nucular." Twice.

I realized three things tonight. For one, if you are a McCain/Palin/Bush voter, you and I do not have a difference of opinion. We have a difference in brain power. Two, she really is as ignorant as I feared. And, three, she really is kinda hot. Basically, I want to have sex with her on my Barack Obama sheets while my wife reads aloud from the Constitution. (My wife is cool with this if I promise to "first wipe off Palin's tranny makeup." I married well.)

Now, I want to be clear and speak directly to those of you who LOVED that Palin interview. You're an idiot. I mean that. This is not one of those cases where we're going to agree to disagree. This isn't one of those situations where we debate it passionately and then walk away thinking that the other guy is wrong but argued well. I'm not going to think of you as a thoughtful but misguided person with different ideas who still really cares about the country and the world. No, sorry, not this time. This time, if you watched those interview excerpts and weren't scared out of your freakin' mind, then you're mentally ill, mentally disabled, or mentally disturbed. What you are NOT is responsible, informed, curious, thoughtful, mature, educated, empathetic, or remotely serious. I mean it.

But I like to think that anyone can change.

Stop voting for people you want to have a beer with. Stop voting for folksy. Stop voting for people who remind you of your neighbor. Stop voting for the ideologically intransigent, the staggeringly ignorant, and the blazingly incompetent.

Vote for someone smarter than you. Vote for someone who inspires you. Vote for someone who has not only traveled the world but who has also shown a deep understanding and compassion for it. The stakes are real and they're terrifyingly high. This election matters. It matters. It really matters. Let me say that one more time. This. Really. Matters.




After a disappointing and abrupt cancellation in July, the OC Roller Girls have been lying low and secretly plotting their next top-secret mission. Thanks to an unnamed informant, word is they will soon merge in full-force to take back the county in style... Come Saturday, September 27, grown men will cower in fear as the OC Roller Girls militia descends upon the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Base with a daunting main mission: to defiantly bring roller derby back to Orange County. Their game plan is simple—showcase their athleticism and prowess in an action-packed DOUBLE HEADER BATTLE ON THE BASE sure to entertain!

Game one kicks off at 6pm accompanied by the determined battle cries of OCRG's Travel Team (Orange Crushers) of wheeled warriors facing challengers from the LA Derby Dolls. These banked track girls won't know what (or who) hit them as they're shown firsthand the undying will of the flat-track phenomenon. Game two pits OCRG's newly formed Wheel Housewives against the Inland Empire Derby Divas, third time challengers of OCRG.

Meanwhile, our newest recruits will be on a side mission of their own, to lead the charge in raising funds for our featured charity, the Wounded Warrior Project. Fans and patrons are invited to join the OC Roller Girls in positively impacting the community by donating funds to this non-profit group that provides support for servicemen injured in battle.

Morbidly curious spectators are welcome to witness the mayhem, with doors opening at 5pm for early onlookers to browse our varied vendors and commandeer the best seats; the first jam whistle for game one sounds off at 6pm. Those who survive the vicious battles are encouraged to partake in the victorious celebration (21+ only) immediately following the second game.

For more information or to purchase tickets in advance, visit www.ocrollergirls.com. The brave may also attempt approaching a fierce member of the OC Roller Girls.


Doors open at 5pm! Games begin at 6pm & 7pm.

$10 advance tckets / $12 at the door ($10 with military ID.) Children under 10 get in free.

$4 of each ticket benefits Wounded Warrior Project.

Beer Garden benefits Morale, Welfare & Recreation.

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Multi-League Scrimmage Photos


What a great day for a multi-league scrimmage! There were skaters from OC Roller Girls, LA Derby Dolls, Angel City Derby Girls, Inland Empire Derby Divas, Prison City Derby Dames, San Diego Derby Dolls and refs from OCRG, LADD and SDDD. There were a few injuries including a broken collar bone, but for the most part a good time was had by all. Our vendors were terrific and so were the fans!

Mark your calendars for September 27th. It's a big event you won't want to miss!

(Photos by KustomKulture & Robert at Chapman Sports Center)

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