President Obama addresses school children on Sept 8th


Sadly, we have been informed that Orange Unified School District has instructed our elementary school not to show the Presidents address to school children tomorrow. No big surprise there. I am fully aware of the fact that I live in the bizarre wonderland we call Orange County.

We have chosen to have our boys stay home to watch it then head to school after we’ve discussed it at length. As concerned parents, we have read the speech and activities list and would have chosen to have our children stay home to listen even if it was George W. Bush addressing them. It is a positive message from the leader of our country. We are confident enough in our parenting skills not to be worried about our children becoming “brainwashed” by a speech on the importance of education. (I find that to be such a ridiculous argument and am embarrassed for those who use it.) As for the suggested activities, we may pull a few talking points from it to share with our children. We will play it by ear and see what questions our boys come up with on their own.

I wish people on both sides could be level-headed enough to set aside political furies and keep the focus where it belongs. Inspiring and exciting children about their education is a good thing. These children will lead us one day. Give them every chance to find inspiration and confidence to succeed.

ADDITION: The speech was terrific and my boys really got the message. It was the first time I have ever seen them grab their backbacks and run for the car to go to school. They are totally pumped up on learning.


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