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So much to learn


I have this life goal to learn something new every year. I think it's good to get outside of your comfort zone a little and stretch your brain or body. Last year I went to dirtbike training camp, learned how to drive a snowmobile, took photography & editing classes and also took Italian cooking lessons. This year I was all set to get scuba certified, but medical limitations made that impossible. So.... I need to choose something new before this year gets away from me. (Can't believe it's already June.) I would love to hear some suggestions. Anything at all. It doesn't have to be intense or elaborate. I have a few ideas, but hoped maybe some outside input would light my spark. Add to my list.

Some things I would like to learn to do:
cake decorating
a foreign language
Tae Kwon Do
greek or roman mythology
oil painting
Tai Chi
Japanese brush painting
play the banjo or bongos
sign language
gaffiti art
furniture upholstery

Some things I would like to learn to make:
gourmet candy
beaded jewelry
stained glass
artisan bread
chocolate sculptures
balloon animals

Happy Birthday, Dad


My Dad should be turning 73 today, but he died in 2000. I can not even begin to explain the pain I feel deep into my core even after 6 years. Vernon John Herbers was born in Bancroft, Iowa in 1933. He served in the U.S. Army and married my mother in 1957. They were very happily married until the day my Dad died. My Dad was an amazing man. He was a true patriot. He was a loving husband, father & grandfather. He was a real friend. He was one of the good guys. He impressed upon me the importance of working hard, of being independent and of helping others. He was handsome, kind and loyal. He had an infectious grin and a firm handshake. He was just perfect in my eyes.

Dad loved to BBQ, go fishing and work in his yard with my Mom. My parents always had the best garden on the street. They liked to pull out lawn chairs on summer evenings and sit out front to read the paper and split a beer. They were the all-American parents. My Dad always rolled up his sleeves to help Mom in the kitchen with the cooking or dishes. He could iron clothes and polish shoes like you wouldn't believe. He always wore a suit and tie to work and church, but the minute he got home it was a white t-shirt and jeans, until he retired, then his uniform became a blue plaid shirt and khakis. He was very tidy and always smelled like he just showered and shaved.

My Dad really loved being a grandpa and all the kids called him Papa. He had the opportunity to know only four of his granddaughters and three of his grandsons. It makes me sick to think that he never once had the chance to hold my boys, my brother's daughter or his two great-granddaughters. I feel like these five children were all cheated out of something very special because they never knew him or hugged him.

I need to stop here. This is much harder than I thought. Please excuse my rambling, but I can't seem to keep head straight when I think about my Dad. It is still overwhelming to me that he is really gone. Here are some photos of my Dad that I love.

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