We had another fabulous weekend!


It started off with Noah bringing Clifford The Big Red Dog home from school for a week. The stuffed Clifford is the Kindergarten class mascot. The child takes Clifford everywhere and adds photos and journaling to an adventure notebook before returning Clifford to school for the next child to take home. It's really a fun project for the children.

On Friday we took the kiddos to Knott's Berry Farm along with my mom, sister and brother-in-law. It was a bit hot and crowded, but lots of fun anyway. I wish I had taken more photos. Noah really loved the train robbery and looking at the fossils and geodes in a shop. Cole loved all of the rides and drinking his first sasparilla. Drew gave some 12 year old boys money to shoot baskets and win prizes for our kids. The boys were so excited to get to play with our money and our boys were thrilled to each get a new stuffed animal. For the record, Drew would have shot the baskets for himself but his ribs were really hurting him.

On Saturday we slept in and then spent a good part of the day at urgent care getting x-rays of Drew's ribs. He crashed on his dirtbike almost two weeks ago, but the pain had increased recently. The x-rays were blurry so they weren't sure if there was a crack, but they aren't broken so there is nothing they can do except give him pain meds. It is mostly bruising. After that we had lunch with our friend, Mark at Island's and then the guys worked on dirtbikes while I got a manicure and pedicure. In the evening I got time to work on some handmade xmas gifts after the boys went to bed and Drew & Mark left to see The Prestige.

Sunday we cleaned house and Drew reorganized our laundry room and entire closet. He even reorganized my clothes and then put them in color order. I LOVE this man!! We went out to lunch at Daphne's and took the boys to see Flushed Away. It was a really productive and fun weekend.

The Happiest Halloween


We had such a great Halloween! Both of our boys were really into it this year. They planned costumes for months and chose to be a green Power Ranger and a pink flower. Drew and I worked hard on Cole's flower costume and it turned out pretty cute, at least we think so. He loved it and nobody even noticed he was a boy flower! Noah practiced his super hero moves while waiting for the sun to go down. We went door to door for over an hour and stopped only when their bags were full.

They are already planning costumes for next year!

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