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JULY 12, 2008

The old adage, "don't judge a book by it's cover," while sound advice is oftentimes blatantly ignored in spite of reality. The Orange County Roller Girls found this to be painfully true when their July 12 bout was cancelled the evening before by Irvine city ordinance. While these women appear to be unruly, their fierce aggression is all part of their love for the resurgence of roller derby as a high-strategy, athletic—and yes, full-contact—sport.

As a WFTDA-certified league, the Orange County Roller Girls—who by day are successful business women, teachers, nurses, mothers and more—are dedicated to empowering women and the communities they live in through the sport, supporting many local non-profit organizations and genuinely making a positive impact on their surroundings.

With each bout simultaneously supporting a local charity, the OC Roller Girls have collected and donated funds to multiple local organizations, including the YWCA, Irvine Animal Shelter, local chapters of Camping Women, Mary's Shelter and many more. Following the high success of their second annual Roll for a Cure fundraiser in May at which thousands of dollars were raised benefiting the Breast Cancer Angels and Keep A Breast, the OC Roller Girls were excited to announce that at their July bout the week after Independence Day, they would be holding a bake sale with all proceeds benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.

The dual purpose of the sale of the goods (home-baked cupcakes) was symbolic of their celebration of the league's second birthday. "I can't say I'm not disappointed," Back Bay Bombshell Chris Cross says. "My husband is on active duty and in Iraq right now, my niece's husband survived a suicide bombing in Iraq... I know I'm not the only one personally affected, and it pains me that this is being postponed—they need all the help they can get." Many of the women on the league are directly connected to soldiers as mothers, husbands, sisters, teachers and more, and the bout cancellation has put an obvious damper on plans.

Regardless of the city-imposed setback, the OC Roller Girls are persevering through the tough time. The league will still be turning two, and cupcakes will now be distributed for free to fans, a slight comfort to offset disappointment caused by the cancellation; the bake sale has been postponed until a time when the girls can fully dedicate their efforts to raising funds to support the charity.

The OC Roller Girls are hoping to find a new venue that will support them and that they can call home, without having to worry about fickle whims. With members from cities across Orange County, the girls are all anxious to continue playing the sport they love, and supporting the communities they live in. For more information, visit or email

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Come to the party on Saturday, July 12th


Happy 2nd Birthday to the OC Roller Girls!

Come celebrate with us on July 12th as the Back Bay Bombshells and the Psycho Ex-Girlfriends blow out the candles derby style. Pack up the family and cruise over to the 949 Roller Hockey Center (3150 Barranca Parkway Irvine CA 92606). Doors open at 6:30pm, bout begins at 7pm. Don't be late or get hip-checked into your seat!

This is a kid-friendly event. As a matter of fact, children 10 and under get in free! Adult tickets are $12 at the door. (Due to obvious safety reasons, children are not permitted in the front rows.)

Support your local roller girls!

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