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I have been trying to leave the contest post up as long as possible, but I am starting to get emails and phone calls from people worrying about me since I haven't posted in so long. (Jim Herbers is a great cousin!) All is well! Drew and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We took a trip to Portland without kids and had a fabulous time! Loved the Lake Oswego area so much and have been dreaming about living there ever since. Oh and I found a new favorite restaurant!! It's called French 75 and it's the same owner at Chat Noir, which I also love. There are several around So Cal so eat there and then call me and tell me how much you love me for telling you about it.

Back to business...
Thanks to all of you who participated in raising money for Dennis' Team in training! So far we have contributed almost $200 to the team, which Dennis was really happy about. The names I have in the drawing so far are listed below. If you made a donation and do not see your name, contact me ASAP. I will be drawing a name in the next few days. I also want to give special thanks to Maya Road for donating some fabulous products to our prize package! Caroline & Deborah are such kind people.

Participants to date:
Christine PS
Kathy R
Mary kay S
Trish H
Rani S
Pam B
Leana L
Susan L
Jenni H

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