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** CLOSED! Watch for winner to be announced before 5:45pm tonight. **

Here's your chance to win two tickets to Disney's California Adventure Park to attend the new ElecTRONica Party on this Friday, October 8th!

Simply leave a comment here telling me your name, location (city is fine) and why you want to go attend ElecTRONica. (I would love a link to your blog if you have one.) I, with the help of my children, will pick a winner out of a hat on Wednesday afternoon. I can either deliver tickets to the winner or ship them overnight, depending on where he/she lives.

Don't know what ElecTRONica is? Read all about it in Disney's Press Release below.

New Nighttime Party at Disney California Adventure Park Immerses Guests in the Digital World of ‘TRON: Legacy’

ANAHEIM, Calif., September 24, 2010 – Fun-seeking families will join science fiction fans and party-goers of all ages to enter the colorful and exciting world of the upcoming Disney movie “TRON: Legacy” when “ElecTRONica,” a new, nighttime party, premieres in Disney California Adventure park on Friday, Oct. 8. “TRON: Legacy” debuts in theaters Dec. 17.

Combining dynamic music and dance, fun food and drink, and the computer-world environment of “TRON: Legacy,” the “ElecTRONica” festivities will take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights this fall, plus all week Thanksgiving week, Nov. 19 -28, and nightly during the Christmas vacation period Friday, Dec. 17, through Sunday, Jan 2. “ElecTRONica” is expected to continue through mid-to-late April 2011.

The adventure will begin in Sunshine Plaza at a “TRON”-themed stage where, at 6 p.m., an exciting music, video and dance show will welcome guests and prepare them to enter the world of TRON.

When the high-powered Sun Plaza welcoming show has concluded, the party will transition into Hollywood Pictures Backlot. Guests will pass through an “ElecTRONica” archway to a street alive with a computerized color grid. There, they will have the sensation of being digitized and transported into the computer mainframe world of “TRON: Legacy.” Among the highlights:

· Buildings in Hollywood Pictures Backlot will be mapped with “TRON: Legacy” images. Light cycles will zoom across the building facades, while other dynamic images from the film fill the street.

· Before entering the studio area, guests will pass under the iconic Recognizer, the vigilant sentry on the lookout for unclassified “Programs” in the digital world of “TRON: Legacy.” With smoke and lights emanating from it, this ever-watchful vehicle seems to hover above the ground as it scans those who pass below.

· At the center of the party is a DJ platform, complete with a laser beam beckoning guests of all ages to the fun. Here, professional DJs will keep the energy going with electronic party music while dancers costumed as “Sirens" and “Programs” from the movie rock out at locations throughout the party.

· Also appearing on the Backlot Stage adjoining the dance floor will be Laserman, a performer who does amazing tricks to music with impressive lasers and light.

· Near the dance floor, guests will find a re-creation of Flynn’s Video Arcade, a key location in the adventure of “TRON: Legacy.” At Flynn’s, gamers will shoot for the highest scores as they enjoy classic 1980s arcade games. Outside the Arcade, guests will be able to play the unreleased “TRON: Evolution” video games for popular home consoles, and take part in a nightly tournament. The new video games, which feature the iconic light cycles and light discs in stories that bridge the gap between the two TRON films, will be released on December 7.

· Guests will get an extended glimpse of the upcoming film at “TRON: Legacy, Exclusive 3D Sneak Peek” (presented in the venue which, by day, houses Muppet*Vision 3D). The 3D preview has special effects exclusive to this theater.

· Guests will be able to purchase food from a specially-themed food truck, along with glowing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at the End of Line Club, inspired by an iconic new location in the world of “TRON: Legacy.”

“ElecTRONica” will be a dynamic addition to the nighttime entertainment lineup at Disneyland Resort, which also includes nightly performances of the popular “World of Color” spectacular on Paradise Bay in Disney California Adventure. For information on planning a celebration or vacation at Disneyland Resort, guests can visit, call 866-60-DISNEY or contact local travel agents. To explore the expansion plans for Disney California Adventure, guests can visit


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25 Responses to “Win ElecTRONica Tickets - CLOSED!”

  1. Blogger Karen (Cupcake) Carter 

    Tell me why you want to attend the grand opening of ElecTRONica at Disney's California Adventure park on Friday, October 8th.
    Don't forget to leave your name and location. If you want to leave me a link to your blog, that's great too. It will make it easier to contact you if you win.

    Check back here tomorrow to see who won!

  2. Blogger Kiki 


    My name is Kiki/Keyanus/Brik!! I would love to attend this show. It sounds like it's seriously out of this world and sounds like something that would be right up my alley!! I also would like to take out one day to have a little down time and let my hair down and experience this wonderful adventure.

    Thank you for considering me. :-)

  3. Blogger Paul Nguyen 

    Hello Karen! Thanks for being so generous with this raffle. My name is Paul and I'm from Santa Ana. (Yelp:

    The reason why I would love these tickets is because not only am I a struggling social worker but I also want to take my girlfriend to something like this....we're both social workers for the County of Orange and lately she's been dealing with a lot of personal challenges and taking her to ElecTRONica would definately make her forget her worries for a short but most likely wonderful time.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    -Paul N.

  4. Anonymous Lollerskates! 

    COOL! First off--you're full of awesomesauce (which I figure is essentially like the ponzu at Shabu Shabu Bar) for even doing this, Cupcake.

    Second off--this sounds stinking fun--I'd read a lot about it through all the crazy Disney travel-related stuff at work, and my inner and outer nerd was intrigued. To top that off? It's on Mr. Lollers' and my anniversary, and it would make it deliciously effortless... Fruity frozen margaritas, TRON shenanigans... Woot!

    Also, we need to get shabu shabu sometime. Really. Mondays and Wednesdays are best for me--call me. <3

  5. Anonymous Lollerskates! 

    Oh right... I'm from Fountain Valley (failhead for not following directions).

  6. Blogger david 

    Hey Karen. First off, this is so nice of you to raffle these tickets off! second,My name is David and i am a 22 year old college student. I work hard during the week with both work and school and love the weekends as my time to have fun and well, enjoy being 22!

    I recently went through a bad break up a couple of months ago and am starting to date again so in all honesty I think this would be one hell of a first real date to get me back on my feet! I read this on yelp and got so excited! lol ( for the chance to win these tickets! -David

  7. Blogger It's me!....Jill 

    HI Karen!!!!

    I would love to go and check out ElecTRONica. Looks like a fun date night with the husband. I never new California Adventures was doing something like this. So cool!

    Thanks for the giveaway....
    Jill from Anaheim Hills.

  8. Blogger Stanley Family 

    Hi Karen,

    This is such an awesome giveaway! I would love these tickets because on Friday we find out where out first base will be and what a better way to celebrate than with elecTRONica!! Also, we only have about 8 months left in So Cal and this is the epitome of the So Cal experience! Thanks so much for adding us to your drawing! Good luck to everyone!


  9. Blogger alise 

    Hello, hello. Alise Westbrook would either take her science crazy hubby or a lucky child with her, or maybe Nate and a child--because we love freaky, computerized, crazy electric, robotic stuff!!!

    Good luck to everyone!

  10. Blogger alise 

    Oh, and we are in costa mesa. My blog is not up and running right now. FYI. But i love yours. I think i am inspired ot blog anew! Thanks!:)

  11. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Amanda's comment isn't posting, so I am pasting it for her...

    I am going to try this again haha! It's me Manda Panda! Tuning in from Sun City, CA!! Woowhoo!! I am interested in the Electronica tickets because the 8th will be a day after I have been with my love 1.5 years. We try to do everything we can so we can experience the world together! As of yet we have not been to a Disney theme park together and I know it would be a fun date for us! I have been dying for anything Disney lately...and I have never been to Disney California Adventures. I have always loved Disneys light shows and Electronica sounds like a fun twist!! So again I say Wooowhooo! Pick me!! :) haha!

  12. Anonymous Anonymous 

    My name is Andrea and I live in Long Beach,CA.

    I really hope that I am not too late for this I just found out! I loved the original TRON movie when it first came out and would LOVE to see this event at California Adventure. I am also a huge Disney fan and try to go as often as possible.


  13. Blogger Andrea 

    Andrea again....I didn't link my info =( Here it is.

  14. Blogger shana 

    My derby name is Cheeky Shaynanigans aka Shana and I live in Huntington Beach. This sounds like a blast and just the thing to cheer my 19 yr old niece up. Her brothers, sister and dad are moving to port orchard, wa and she is staying here. I loved the first Tron and am excited for the next...thanks for doing this!

  15. Anonymous Al C 

    Al C from Corona Califonia. I haven't been to Disneyland in so long, at least 20 years, I would definitely like to go one last time in my lifetime to see something new and exciting.

  16. Blogger Baback 

    HI CUPCAKE! Weird, I could have sworn I left a comment earlier.

    Anyways, my name is Baback and I live in Alhambra. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FREAKIN MOVIE TO COME OUT! I still get goose bumps every time I watch the trailer! I think the even will be a perfect kick-off celebration for the movie and I'd LOVE to see it LIVE! :)

  17. Blogger mimsyeez 

    Hi! My name is Huoy (Mimi). Would love to give share this with my husband who's a Tron fan. :) I didn't really get him a gift for our anniversary, so this would really make up for it! ^.^

    my blog:

  18. Anonymous Kamie 

    I would love to win these tickets because my sweet wonderful boyfriend has never had to joy of visiting California Adventure. I would love to take him to the park, and this party sounds like it will be AWESOME! It would be a wonderful way to introduce him to this new era of Disney awesomeness!!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity, Cupcake!!
    (from Kamie K./Punkahontis in Long Beach)

  19. Anonymous Tyson 

    PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! ME~!!

    Im Tyson and I'm in Downey. You should pick me because your children are probably really cool! :)

    No really, I've been looking forward to the new release of Tron and was even more excited to hear Daft Punk was creating the soundtrack. It's been a long time since I've been to Disneyland (maybe just once actually INSIDE since first moving to LA 6 years ago) and would like to see the water and light show as well.

    PICK ME!


  20. Blogger joey96t 

    Hello there…. My Name is Joseph and I’m from West Covina. Its been a long while since I've been to Disneyland and this looks like a perfect opportunity to take my 10 year old son for a good night out.
    He's a huge Daft Punk fan and has been anxiously waiting for the new soundtrack to Tron to be released. He also has blessed me with the task of making him a Daft Punk costume (Thomas bangalter) for Halloween. I’m trying my best to make it but if I fail this would be a perfect way to make up for it. Many Thanks in advance!


  21. Anonymous Carlos Z 

    I wanna go because while Tron was an awesome movie, the 80s arcade game was sucky. It was almost impossible to drive the light cycle. As any good 5 year old would, I cried. This will help me heal. Thanks!
    Carlos Z, Los Angeles

  22. Blogger Veronica 

    Hi Karen,

    Wow! This sounds like soooo much fun! Wish I could give you a really great reason why you should pick me, but to be quite honest with you all I can say is that I would greatly appreciate it and would enjoy it to the absolute fullest. This would be a great escape from reality for me and my hubby to be. :)

    Whittier, CA

  23. Anonymous 

    CLOSED! No more entries after this post. Watch for winner to be announced in next 30 minutes!

  24. Anonymous chris 

    Please make sure I win or I will be forced to turn you into a burrito...again!

    Chris from yo Momma... in Temecula

  25. Blogger Karen (Cupcake) Carter 

    Andrea from Long Beach,
    You WON! The link you left to your profile doesn't work so I have no way to contact you. Please get in touch with me at by 9am on Thursday morning. I have extended the deadline from 10pm on Wednesday. If I don't hear from you by 9am I will have to draw another winner to take your place. Tickets must be delivered today.

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