Poor Little Tashi & The Shrieking Women


This morning I woke up with a nasty hangover from the little party I threw last night. I relaxed in a hot bath for a while then drove out to Temecula to pick up my kiddos from Grandma's house. Grandma wanted to take the boys out to lunch. I wasn't really looking forward to smelling food, but what the hell. While pulling out of her driveway I see a women standing in the street sobbing with a dead (read as: "squished, ripped apart and gooey") cat in her arms. I pull the car back in the driveway and Mom and I run over to help. The poor woman was just a total wreck and the cat was literally dripping from her arms. It was one of the grossest things I have ever seen. My mom went to get a box to put the cat in and a wet towel for the woman to clean up with so I am left standing on the street holding on to a woman I have never met as she weeps for the mess in her arms. (Thankfully, I pulled in across my mom's driveway so the boys couldn't see what was happening from the car.) I just kept talking to her and trying to get her to calm down. She told me her daughter was around the corner looking for their other cat. It turns out they didn't know that THIS cat, Tashi, was even out of the house. They were looking for a different cat! We get her to put poor little Tashi in the box and wipe herself off. She doesn't have a clue how much cat is left on her. She told us she lives across the street so we started to walk her home. I was carrying the box of Tashi, which made me gag over and over again from the stench. (Not a good time for a hangover!) As we near her house, the woman's adult daughter comes around the corner, takes one look at us and loses her mind. She starts screaming and sobbing too. The mom tells her it's not her cat and that it's "Tashi" (their other cat) and the girl shrieks again. She didn't know Tashi was outside either. I send my mom back to the car to sit with my boys and continue to walk the two hysterical women home while trying not to throw up on the way. We get to their house and I put the box down near the garage. I took the towel from the woman and covered the kitty with it. I didn't want the daughter to see poor Tashi like that. They just stared at me and sobbed. The woman asked me if I wanted the towel back. Ummm, GROSS! She was obviously not thinking straight at the moment. I didn't know what to do so I offered my sympathies, hugged the daughter and shed a few tears with them before heading back across the street. It was such an odd situation. I was so sad for these poor woman. Their hearts were broken and here they are stuck with a box of cat. It was just a nightmare. I went back to my moms and scrubbed up before taking the boys to lunch. It was rough to eat after that. When we got back the box was still sitting there in front of the house. I can't imagine what they are going to do with little Tashi now. I just hope the other lost kitty doesn't come home and sniff out the box and run away again.

OK, I'll admit it. I really wanted to call this post "Smelly Cat", but I just couldn't do it.


"Alive In Wonderland" is my favorite blog ever!


Suzanne Broughton is my favorite blogger! She writes "Alive in Wonderland". This woman is so "real". She's witty, smart, open-minded and all around AWESOME! Go check out her blog and you will be hooked! She also wrote a great article on OC Roller girls for the OC Register. She's just a great writer and a great photographer no matter what subject she is focused on. Today she sent me this video that she made at OCRG's Suburban Assault on Saturday night. (Yes, that's my little guy sitting on Daddy's shoulders with the the "I <3 Foxy Roxy" sign.)

Go watch the video on "Alive In Wonderland" and don't forget to leave her some lovin'. She deserves it!

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A day for the history books


On a positive note...
I am thrilled that Barack Obama will be our President and I am proud to have participated in this beautiful historic event. After shedding tears during his eloquent speech, I feel hopeful for our great country again. I ran upstairs and whispered promises of a better future into the ears of my sleeping children as soon as it ended.

On to the downside....
I am deeply saddened that Prop 8 passed. On July 4, 1776 our Founding Fathers signed their names to the Declaration of Independence envisioning a country that would guarantee basic freedoms to ALL of its citizens. So what happened? There will be a place in the history books for this day when Californians used their right to vote to eliminate the rights of others. There will be a whole chapter about it right​ next to the Trail of Tears, slavery, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the Jim Crow Laws,​ internment camps, Zoot Suit Riots and the Ku Klux Klan (just to name a few).​ I am sickened and disgusted in the fear, hatred and lies the Mormon and Catholic churches spread to persuade their followers to vote for discrimination. The amount of money they spent to push this hate-fueled campaign could have fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless and protected those who can not protect themselves. A shameful shadow has been cast in the name of "christianity". It sickens me to the very core, so I am utilizing my RIGHT​ to Freed​om of Speec​h, while​ I still​ have it.


Do it for the FONZ!!!


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